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Plano Auto Body Repair

We were blessed twice – you can come to us at Diamond Auto Body Glass & Locksmith for the very best auto body repair in Plano as well as the best locksmiths! Our Auto body Repair Shop is kitted out with the finest mechanics, technicians and equipment to give your vehicle the finest Glass repair, Collision Repair and Wheel Repairs. Not all auto body repair outfits are the same – come to us to experience the very best in Plano!

Our customers know that they can count on us for consistency and excellence, every time they put their cars into the hands of our team of professionally trained and certified automotive technicians and mechanics. For the best in auto repair in the beautiful city of Plano, you have come to the right place!

Auto Body & Glass Services

Our customers tell us time and again that we are the finest around in the world of auto body repair. We use a special technique of diagnostics to determine exactly what needs to be done to improve the running of your car. We have the highest quality in staff and technology to give to you the best in Automotive body Repair & Car Maintenance. We also shine at more straightforward tasks, such as wheel realignment, Windshield Repair or replacing those worn out break-pads with the same level of car and skill each and every time.
We recommend working with Delta Towing Houston for every roadside assistance problem in that area.

Our extensive list of Auto Body Repair services in Plano includes:

Excellent Glass Services