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Types of locks in the Plano Locksmith market

Whether you are looking to install a new lock, or to change an old with a new,

When looking for a lock there are a lot of factors to take into consideration- the main one being security but since there are so many options nowadays on the market it can get very confusing. You must take into consideration the exact location of the lock, the required strength, the time you wish to spend opening it, and more then anything else, you want to make sure that you have not made yourself into an easy target….

It can be a stressful decision, and it’s definitely an important one, so we really need

Someone we can relay on, to come quick and help us, and do it professionally.

Someone who will really know what is right, and who will install it properly.

A pro locksmith – a diamond locksmith

This is where Diamond Locksmith comes into the picture. Being a fully licensed locksmith company, with extremely high work standards and with a highly professional team, we are at your service 24 hours, 7 days a week, with a speedy response time.

With skilled workers and the best available tools we can offer a way out of your problem. The brand of lock you’re going to get has to be extremely specific to your need. We have a very big selection of locks, the knowledge to determine which lock is the right lock for you, and the skill to install it properly.

Some of the types of locks we have:

Padlocks-a brand of lock that is not attached on a permanent basis to anything.

Mortise locks-usually used on commercial and glass entry doors.

Deadbolts– usually installed on residential external doors.

Knob locks– often installed on external doors, in addition to deadbolts.

Lever handle locks– usually used for inner doors.

Cam locks– usually used in lower security options including mail boxes and cabinets.

Euro profile cylinder– usually used for slide doors.

IC cylinder –usually used in big institutions and buildings.

Furniture locks.

Jimmy proof deadbolts- often used in apartments and in double doors.


This is just a small sample of the options available on the market, so as you can see it’s really necessary to seek advice from the pros.

Call us, we are here to help and we have what it takes to do it right.