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Client Testimonials

“What I like best about Diamond Auto Body Glass & Locksmith is that they don’t try to “blind you with science.” I am the first one to admit that I am by no means an expert on the arts of auto repair, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn either. I have used many different auto repair getups who, when I ask them to explain what the problem is or what they will do to improve it, use deliberately confusing jargon to throw me off the scent and justify charging me way too much for something relatively straightforward. This is not the case with Diamond, and I love that I get a clear answer when I ask a question. Add to this the polite, professional and well-priced service that they offer, I am happy to recommend them to others.” Derek Lima

“FINALLY a locksmith in Plano who is actually trained and skilled at what they purport to do! I am so tired of handing over my checkbook to fly-by-nights who do half-hearted work, accompanied by a full price. Diamond Auto Body Glass & Locksmith are consummate professionals, all fully trained, certified and insured and are excellent locksmiths.” Hilary Snell

“The neighbor’s tree had a run in with my windscreen and I needed to replace the glass. The insurance company said I needed to find a local auto glass shop is were supported by Emergency Unite and I was thrilled to come across Diamond Auto Body Glass & Locksmith who were right next to me in Plano. Great service; fast, professional and exactly what you need in these situations!” Alex Baez-Santos

“I have a couple of barber shops in Plano and I wanted to update my commercial security. I was very impressed with the consultation I received, which equipped me with a whole range of options and enabled me to make good choices as to what is affordable and functional for my business. I have already recommended Diamond Auto Body & Glass to my friends in Plano as excellent commercial locksmiths.” Jorge Bargados